“Bringing passion, fashion, lifestyle and choice to Asia, our vision is to be the best brand builder in the region.”

ImagineX is driven by FOUR important core values:

  • Passion for Excellence: we believe in the drive to be the best that you can be

    We believe in the entrepreneurial spirit. We celebrate those who actively seek out opportunities to continuously deliver results and improvement to our customers, our partners and our people. We admire those who devote their passion to our brands, unleash their creativity, inspire and motivate us all.
  • Willingness to Change and Innovate: we believe in the importance of creativity

    We embrace the spirit of the pioneer. We learn, we grow, we lead changes and we think out of the box.  Sometimes, things do not work out exactly as we planned: so we try again, we change our approach, and through perseverance and courage, we make new things happen.
  • Trust and Respect: we believe in honesty and integrity

    Trusting and respecting each other are fundamentals. We believe in doing the right thing, no matter what the circumstances. We expect dignity, decency and a sense of justice to motivate every action that we take as individuals, and as a company.
  • Teamwork and Family Spirit: we believe in the power of people

    We are one team working together for the good of our business, our customers, our partners and each other. We believe that with respect, love and fairness, we can achieve great things and help each other to achieve our potential in talented harmony.